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I'm Olga and I'd like to practise my English.
I don't speak much English these days. Really miss it.
Yet I watch some series on Puzzle English.
Please write a line about yourself.
You are welcome to correct me.


Recently I've watched a film, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Actually this is not the first time I watch it.

It's so strange. Had to watch it three times before I got it (I hope I got it).
Full of funny phrases. I guess it's a special kind of humour. "Feel myself a sofa", “The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two"... nearly the whole film can be cited.

Oh, ye. And the majestic scenes of Earth in the End.


What do you like about computer games?
I've played only very simple and easy ones.
Don't know the type, like majong. The bad thing about this is that it takes all your free time (and even not free). I started to play at 11 pm and found myself still playing at 4am. The night was wasted.
My son is playing Goat Simulator at present. (I'm tired of this music). The goat there just moves around the town, visiting places, striking people, doing some weird tasks like "lick money":crztuk:


Yesterday was Halloween.
My favourite film for Halloween right now is Nightmare Before Christmas.
Well, I dont't know, I really love this Jack. He is so much inspired and willing. Looking out for something he even doesn't know what.

The song from the film:

And another video (really scary):


As for me, in my childhood I was a bit scared of "someone hiding under my bed".
Definitely not behind the stairs, there are no stairs n my flat))).
Also I feared a deep hole (not that deet now) near my house.

I wonder who's boogeyman, why the Americans are so scared of him? I did't hear of him when a child, so I don't care.

Another strange character is so-called BABAYKA. A girl from the Crimea wanted to scare my kids talking of him. I laughed my head off, a hilarious name, and who's that? Nothing scary for me.

Our Russian characters still seem to bear a bit of threat in themselves.


"Military and Nasa researches have studied the problem for half a century, calling it 'simulator sickness' (text)
is not equal to
"Simulator sickness has been under investigation by a large number of researchers", (question)
it's obvious, isn't it?

So the correct answer is "Not Given"


Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot,
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes,
It was his intent —
To blow up the King and the Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below,
Poor old England to overthrow:
By God’s mercy he was catch’d
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa, boys, make the bells ring.
Holloa, boys, God save the King!
Hip hip hoorah!

Guy Fawkes Day is celebreted on the 5th of November in memory of unearthing Guy Fawkes' plot against the Parliament.
Peopleburn bonfires and make fireworks. Children dressed in costumes walk in the streets asking "Ф penny for the Guy". Then they buy tasty food and fireworks with this money and burn Guy in the fire.

A really beautiful holiday.
Watch this:

Dangerous too)))

I guess there is also some ancient pagan meaning in it. In November, in the end of autumn people want to make the surroundings brighter and lighter.


Desperate Housewives, 3d season.

Orson comes to the house of his ex-wive and sees there his mother/ He knows they are plotting against him.

Orson: Well, I'm in luck. The whole coven's here.

Coven - шабаш ведьм; сборище; группа из тринадцати ведьм.

Translated into Russian: вся шайка здесь.

Not perfect.


Amazing spectacle.

I've always wondered how it worked.
Did Homo Sapiens appear in one particular olace and spread over the whole globe? How is that possible that they (we) moved to Siberia or America without any good means of transportation?
How is that when people discovered America or Australia, there were already people there?



It's been a long, bitter election.

And for one group of supporters, it was always going to end in tears.
As election night neared to a close, the distraught faces were all Hillary supporters. Images from watch parties across the US showed the contrast between triumphant Trumpists and harrowed Hillary fans.
As results trickled in, the mood at Clinton HQ in Brooklyn turned from optimism, to cautious optimism, to disbelief and, finally, grief.
"The scene here is so different than a few hours ago, when people were happy and relaxed" CNN's Brianna Keilar told Wolf Blitzer. "I have been looking around the room at people who are stoned faced. Some of them have been crying."
And even before the final states were called, Keilar added that some supporters had already left the venue.
"They are just stunned at the idea that they were completely sure they were coming to this event for what they thought would be even an early night to celebrate Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president," she said.
"And now they are confronting the reality that they could be walking out of here either not knowing but perhaps expecting that Donald Trump is going to become president," Keiler added.
Contrast that with the scene at Trump HQ, just a few miles away. His supporters were thrilled as their nominee knocked out win after win, each one chipping away at Clinton's chances of making it to the required 270 electoral college votes.
Contrast that with the scene at Trump HQ, just a few miles away. His supporters were thrilled as their nominee knocked out win after win, each one chipping away at Clinton's chances of making it to the required 270 electoral college votes.

"Make America Great Again" hats were out in full force, turning Trump's election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown hotel into a sea of red.

As Clinton's Presidential path to 270 got tougher and tougher, the air went out of many of her supporters at the Democrat's election night event at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Trump fans had plenty to celebrate -- as the night wore on, battleground state after battleground state turned red as Trump added them to his win column.

Democrats and other Clinton supporters wept as the opportunity to put the first-ever woman in the White House slipped beyond their grasp.

Trump fans could scarcely believe their luck as pre-election polls giving Clinton a narrow lead were swept away.

The atmosphere of Clinton's planned victory party turned to that of a wake as the night wore on and key states slipped from her grasp.

Anticipating victory, Trump supporters get into full celebratory mode.

Scarcely believing the way their night had turned out, Clinton fans face the prospect of four years of a President they see as divisive, intolerant and damaging to the country.

Full of good expressions, by the way.
to end in tears
near to a close
distraught faces
stoned faces
to be stunned at the idea
to confront the reality
to chip away chances (I DO like it!)
the air went out
could scarcely believe their luck
a narrow lead
to get into full celebratory mode.
to slip beyond the grasp.