I'm Olga and I'd like to practise my English.
I don't speak much English these days. Really miss it.
Yet I watch some series on Puzzle English.
Please write a line about yourself.
You are welcome to correct me.

2016-11-01 в 00:24 

Работник: повар, конюх и плотник.
It's a pretty cool idea, Olga! I'd like to join you here. And everyone are welcome to correct me as well.

2016-11-01 в 10:18 

Нас невозможно сбить с пути, нам пофигу, куда идти!
Hi, I'm Anna.
I was fond of languages, all of them, and had a dream to make languages my profession, but for some reasons that didn't come true.
Now in real life I speak English only to my husband when we do not want kids to understand us.

2016-11-01 в 10:58 

Balda, ok. Everyone is welcome, of course. ONE IS.
Oh, by the way. I wanted to ask you a question. Do you speak 4 languages? Or even more? And which language do you speak in your head? And ever mixed up languages? I always wonder about such things.

2016-11-01 в 11:02 

SunKitten, cool trick, I used it with Mike, but eventually Tim started to understand.

2016-11-01 в 11:39 

Работник: повар, конюх и плотник.
-chayka-, thank you! I really appreciate your help! Of course, everyone IS welcome. Such a balda I am. Thank you for correcting me!
I don't know if I use a particular language in my head. I would say my thoughts are non-verbal ideas. Only if I want to communicate these ideas I activate a language and pick a word which describes my idea or my thought as precisely as possible. Sometimes the precise word for my thought comes from another language. In this case it can get very funny.

2016-11-01 в 15:33 

Нас невозможно сбить с пути, нам пофигу, куда идти!
-chayka-, hopefully, our eldest will start to understand soon. We are thinking of another language, probably Finnish (although I prefer French or Spanish)

2016-11-01 в 16:12 

SunKitten, Finnish is difficult, I hear.

2016-11-01 в 16:21 

Нас невозможно сбить с пути, нам пофигу, куда идти!
-chayka-, it is (
And rather useless, frankly speaking. But my husband wants it )