Yesterday was Halloween.
My favourite film for Halloween right now is Nightmare Before Christmas.
Well, I dont't know, I really love this Jack. He is so much inspired and willing. Looking out for something he even doesn't know what.

The song from the film:

And another video (really scary):


As for me, in my childhood I was a bit scared of "someone hiding under my bed".
Definitely not behind the stairs, there are no stairs n my flat))).
Also I feared a deep hole (not that deet now) near my house.

I wonder who's boogeyman, why the Americans are so scared of him? I did't hear of him when a child, so I don't care.

Another strange character is so-called BABAYKA. A girl from the Crimea wanted to scare my kids talking of him. I laughed my head off, a hilarious name, and who's that? Nothing scary for me.

Our Russian characters still seem to bear a bit of threat in themselves.

2016-11-01 в 15:42 

Эй, вы, там, за туманами!
Have you seen "Rise of the Guardians" cartoon? There's Boogeyman, rather scary.

2016-11-01 в 15:53 

Эй, вы, там, за туманами!
As for Babayka, my grandma sang me
На горе стоит Бабай.
Ты, Бабай, не ходи,
Мою детку не буди".

She lived in Kazakhstan then, and there was a monument of Abai Kunanbaev in the town. So I imagined Babay looking like that Abai: in a long coat, with asian trates... Not quite awful, but impressive)))

2016-11-01 в 23:10 

Работник: повар, конюх и плотник.
Is Babay a russian invention or comes Babay from farther east?

2016-11-02 в 07:00 

Эй, вы, там, за туманами!
Balda, I think, it comes from turk languages, in which it has the meaning "old man, grandfather"