Yesterday was Halloween.
My favourite film for Halloween right now is Nightmare Before Christmas.
Well, I dont't know, I really love this Jack. He is so much inspired and willing. Looking out for something he even doesn't know what.

The song from the film:

And another video (really scary):


As for me, in my childhood I was a bit scared of "someone hiding under my bed".
Definitely not behind the stairs, there are no stairs n my flat))).
Also I feared a deep hole (not that deet now) near my house.

I wonder who's boogeyman, why the Americans are so scared of him? I did't hear of him when a child, so I don't care.

Another strange character is so-called BABAYKA. A girl from the Crimea wanted to scare my kids talking of him. I laughed my head off, a hilarious name, and who's that? Nothing scary for me.

Our Russian characters still seem to bear a bit of threat in themselves.

2016-11-01 в 15:42 

Нас невозможно сбить с пути, нам пофигу, куда идти!
Have you seen "Rise of the Guardians" cartoon? There's Boogeyman, rather scary.

2016-11-01 в 15:53 

Нас невозможно сбить с пути, нам пофигу, куда идти!
As for Babayka, my grandma sang me
На горе стоит Бабай.
Ты, Бабай, не ходи,
Мою детку не буди".

She lived in Kazakhstan then, and there was a monument of Abai Kunanbaev in the town. So I imagined Babay looking like that Abai: in a long coat, with asian trates... Not quite awful, but impressive)))

2016-11-01 в 23:10 

Работник: повар, конюх и плотник.
Is Babay a russian invention or comes Babay from farther east?

2016-11-02 в 07:00 

Нас невозможно сбить с пути, нам пофигу, куда идти!
Balda, I think, it comes from turk languages, in which it has the meaning "old man, grandfather"